A regular podcast on the History of Oil by Peter B. Doran: the need – and the greed – that have defined the modern age.

Episode. 27: America's need for "gladiators" spells danger for the global economy.

Episode 26: OPEC in a world of cheap oil.

Episode 25: A "gentlemen's agreement" to change the world of oil as we knew it.

Episode 23: Power Venezuela’s hot house of new ideas about oil.

Episode 23: Operation Ajax and the coup that changed Iran.

Episode 22: Mossadegh wins his fight for nationalization, and Iran loses its democracy.

Episode 21: Mohammed Mossadegh turns the oil world upside down.

Episode 20: This is how a Reich ends, not necessarily with a bang but a shortage.

Episode 19: Japan's grab for oil ends badly.

Episode 18: War returns as Hitler's gamble in the East goes horribly wrong.

Episode 17: King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia and John Philby alter the oil balance of the planet. 

Episode 16: Mr. Five Percent Draws a Red Line around Arabia, but will this new oil cartel last?

Episode 15: The sovereignty of oil has finally arrived. And it is going to be a very, brutal reign.

Episode 14: Winston Churchill’s famous leap into the "sea of troubles” of Persian Oil.

Episode 13: Turmoil in Persia and the start of British petroleum interests in the Gulf.

Episode 12: Russia's Twilight Empire and the first of two revolutions that would reshape the geopolitical map.

Episode 11: The Texas oil boom opens with a six ton bang at a place called Spindletop.

Episode 10: Like any good thriller, the villain never dies on the first try, allowing Ida Tarbell to pen her revenge.

Episode 9: Ohio strikes a blow against Standard, but some anacondas are hard to kill. 

Episode 8: Shell Oil’s epic blitz of the Far East.

Episode 7: The rise of Russian competition. 

Episode 6: Standard Oil bites off more than it can chew as a new frontier opens in Northwestern Ohio.

Episode 5: The first long distance pipeline tries to break Rockefeller's grip; but is Pennsylvania’s oil running out?

Episode 4: The rise of Rockefeller and Standard Oil - both will inspire fear, disgust and admiration.

Episode 3: The race for oil is underway in Pennsylvania’s great “Oildorado.”

Episode 2: The age of oil blows wide open, as “Colonel” E.L. Drake drills the first well and the first oil glut.

Episode 1: From New Orleans to the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company, the age of oil is about to blow wide open.